Chicago CE Leadership Team

The Chicago Coordinated Entry Leadership Team was created to offer oversight and guidance to the Coordinated Entry System (CES) by giving input and direction to shape the CES vision while finding solutions to improve the overall system. This group is facilitated by CSH and meets monthly as a team while smaller break-out groups may meet more often as needed. This team is comprised of leaders from the CoC including the CE Lead Entities and can call upon additional critical voices as needed.

The Coordinated Entry Leadership Team objectives include:

Vision setting

CES compliance and performance monitoring

Prioritization oversight

Amend CES Policies and Procedures, as needed

Members of the CE Leadership Team agree to:

*Participate in monthly CE Leadership Team meetings
*Maintain confidentiality of provider performance that is shared with me for the purpose of barrier-busting and system improvement
*Work to strengthen the Coordinated Entry system so that it can operate at its best by brainstorming ideas, offering solutions, and contributing towards tests when appropriate
*Serve as a champion of the Coordinated Entry System inside and outside of team meetings

2021 CE Leadership Team

Name Agency/Workgroup Representation
Amber Westbrooks, Youth Action Board Youth
Angela Brooks, CSH, System Facilitator
Beatriz Albelo, Deborah’s Place, Housing
Beth Horwitz All Chicago, System Facilitator/HMIS
Bob Haennicke, Catholic Charities, System Facilitator
Christine Riley, DFSS, Funder
Dianna Mitchell, Inner Voice, Crisis Response
Emi Santiago, Crisis Response
Jackie Huckabee, Heartland Human Care Services Housing
Jennifer Jimenez Center for Housing and Health, System Facilitator
Laura Bass, Facing Forward Families/DV
LaShunda Brown, Primo Center, Families
Otha Gaston, LEC Lived Experience
Dr. Sanja Stinson, Matthew House, Crisis Response

CE Leadership Team Meeting Packets

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