Quality Supportive Housing Certification

CSH partners with funders, developers and providers of supportive housing to advance high-quality housing and service partnerships that promote resilient and equitable communities through our Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing Tools and Certification program.

Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing

The CSH Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing strives to build the capacity of supportive and affordable housing to create and operate high-quality, effective and sustainable units. Development of the CSH Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing is generously supported by the MetLife Foundation.

Dimensions of Quality Guidebook

This resource will help you understand Quality Standards in planning and operating Quality Supportive Housing.

Intro to Quality Supportive Housing

This self-paced online class is designed to expose you to and explain the high standards and certification process CSH has established to identify the best, most-effective supportive housing in the country.

Supportive Housing Quality Toolkit

View the Toolkit to review Quality Planning in action. Our toolkit has templates and tools you need to ensure quality practices in developing and operating new supportive housing.

Ensure Quality in Planning

The CSH Quality Endorsement for supportive housing is presented to project sponsors planning to develop supportive housing who demonstrate a commitment to the Dimensions of Quality Standards across all project components. In order to receive Predevelopment Quality Endorsement CSH staff provide a third-party review of supporting documentation for supportive housing projects in predevelopment to determine if they meet national Quality Standards. Download the Quality Endorsement Overview for more details 

Funders of supportive housing need assurances that the projects they finance will operate at a high-level of quality in order to successfully meet tenant and community outcome goals. The Commitment to Quality (CtQ) is a CSH three-page checklist that funders of supportive housing include in their financing applications to ensure that the projects they fund are committed to the Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing. This tool is intended for projects in the pre-development phase of planning and design and can be used by pre-development, capital, operating, and services funders. Download the Commitment to Quality Checklist.

Ensure Quality in Operation

The CSH Quality Supportive Housing Certification process evaluates existing supportive housing site-based projects and scattered site programs to determine if they meet or exceed CSH Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing standards.

Projects that meet Quality Standards receive CSH’s Quality Stamp of Approval and stand out in the industry as having the highest quality supportive housing. The certification process provides immediate feedback on project operations to use for continuous quality improvement and in long-term planning. Contact certification@csh.org if you are interested in pursuing Quality Certification for your supportive housing residence.

CSH evaluates supportive housing that has been operational for at least one full year prior to being certified. The certification process provides immediate feedback on project operations to use for continuous quality improvement and in long-term planning. Receiving CSH’s Quality Stamp of Approval comes with many benefits, including knowing that your single- or scattered-site project has been identified as among the best nationwide in the supportive housing industry.

This online self-assessment was created for providers of supportive housing (both scattered-site and site-based projects) to evaluate their performance, partnerships and agency practices according to the industry standards of Quality Supportive Housing. After completing the self-assessment your agency will receive a summary of your score in each of the Dimension of Quality Supportive Housing and a corresponding resource list of available training and technical assistance to support your agency to further develop best practices in areas where your scores indicated room for improvement. If you are assessing the quality of BOTH scattered-site programs and site-based supportive housing projects, you will need to complete separate assessments, as scattered-site and site-based supportive housing differ slightly in operating best practices and have unique assessment questions based on the type of supportive housing offered. Click here to take the self-assessment.