Federal, State and Local Policy Work

Our Priorities

CSH urges policy-makers to prioritize sound, cost-effective public policies that:

  • Preserve and increase key investments in housing programs
  • Expand investments in targeted interventions employing data and evidence-based solutions
  • Refine programs to spur innovation and increase flexibility, and transparency with accountability
We will be working with all Members of the Administration, Congress and state and local policymakers to:
  • Preserve and Enhance Key Investments in Subsidized Rental Assistance and Low-income Housing
  • Enact Tax Reform and Financing to Expand Investment in Supportive Housing
  • Increase Flexibility and Funding for States and Counties to Embrace Keeping Families Together in Supportive Housing
  • Provide Flexibility and Incentives for Enhanced State Medicaid Services, Mental Health and Substance Use Investments
  • Ensure Health Coverage Continues for All Eligible Medicaid Recipients and Encourage Innovation
  • Expand Investments in Outcome-Based Financing Models and Tools
  • Support Investments that Advance Justice Reform, Especially for Youth


Leading the Way: Advocating for Effective Homeless and Housing Policy

Developing effective bipartisan policy solutions for homelessness and housing requires a foundation in proven strategies. Our fact sheets provide invaluable insights to policymakers and advocates from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with fiscally responsible approaches that address root causes efficiently. These resources facilitate informed decision-making and foster meaningful bipartisan legislative action.

Rapid Response to Homeless Encampments

In many neighborhoods, homeless camps are popping up due to large-scale problems like high rents, not enough affordable housing, and people not being served by the systems established to help them. Instead of just reacting with police and camp evictions, we believe in a smarter, kinder approach. Our guides, made for local leaders and policymakers, show a better way to help people experiencing homelessness while investing in fiscally responsible solutions.

Immediate Action Alert!

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Session of the U.S. Congress

CSH invites organizations to endorse legislation that would align housing and services for people experiencing chronic homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization.

The Supportive Services Transformation Fund

CSH is leading a national effort to urge the President and Congress to create the Supportive Services Transformation Fund (SSTF). Click below to learn more and how you can help in this effort.