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Pennsylvanians deserve access to supports that help them live independently and thrive in their communities. But, Pennsylvania needs approximately 38,700 more units of supportive housing to serve communities across the commonwealth. To meet this need, the Pennsylvania Supportive Housing Coalition (‘the Coalition’) is working to advance policy priorities focused on funding and collaboration across the state.

The Coalition's priorities are shaped by the contributions of 300 individuals, representing over 120 organizations from 50 PA Counties. We are calling on you to join an incredible powerhouse of advocates ready to take action. Help advocate for policy change and make Pennsylvania a place where supportive housing tenants can thrive!   

How to Get Involved with the PA Supportive Housing Coalition

Five workgroups are open for membership and meet virtually on a quarterly basis:

  • Supportive Services Workgroup
  • Affordable Housing Workgroup
  • Challenging Community Resistance Workgroup
  • Interagency Coordination Workgroup
  • Persons with Lived Expertise Workgroup  

Coalition members commit to using their voice, sharing their experience and expertise, and leveraging their connections to advance the workgroup’s goals. On a bi-annual basis, the broader Coalition convenes virtually to discuss progress made from each of the workgroups, opportunities for advancement and partnership building, and presentations from national leaders.  

Join the PA Supportive Housing Coalition today to help advocate for policy change and make Pennsylvania a place where supportive housing tenants can thrive! For more information on the Coalition’s recommended policy areas, please check out the PA Supportive Housing Policy Platform.

Advancing Equity in Pennyslyvania

In Pennsylvania, individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) experience homelessness and institutionalization at a disproportionate rate. The Coalition’s work aims to reduce barriers to housing by calling for an increase in housing and funding for quality supportive services. While this platform centers around statewide and regional collaboration, it remains responsive to local communities and individual needs. This work is achieved through the Coalition’s Persons with Lived Expertise Workgroup.

Join the Coalition

When you join the Coalition, you are supporting the platform’s policy recommendations. To stay in the loop on the Coalition’s upcoming meetings, advocacy efforts, and partnership building opportunities, you will receive occasional communications from CSH.

View Calendar of Events

Check back soon to view the Coalition's 2024 calendar of events and register for upcoming events.

Policy Actions

Ask the Shapiro Administration to support a PA Interagency Council to Prevent and End Homelessness.