In New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, CSH has committed over $150 million in grants and loans and worked with over 140 nonprofit organizations to create over 18,000 units of supportive housing.

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Assessing New Jersey’s Need for Supportive Housing for an Aging Population

The number of older adults in New Jersey is steadily growing, yet the demand for affordable, accessible housing and services far outpaces the supply. Our new report, Assessing New Jersey’s Need for Supportive Housing for an Aging Population, examines how many additional units of supportive housing the state currently needs to meet the demand. It also highlights the demographics of those…

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Supportive Housing and the Opioid Crisis

CSH conducted a survey of supportive housing agencies across New York State to examine opioid use and overdose among supportive housing tenants, and to identify what services and support agencies …


The NYC FUSE Program Evaluation Snapshot

The Frequent User Services Enhancement (FUSE) initiative is a supportive housing program developed by CSH with support from various government agencies that provided housing and support services to individuals who …


New Era of Supportive Housing in New York: A Resource Guide for Nonprofit Housing Sponsors

This is a resource guide for nonprofit housing sponsors interested to pursue supportive housing development in New York State. It covers all the latest information about new supportive housing financing …

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