$500,000,000 & Counting


Thanks a Half Billion!

Your generous support and encouragement have empowered CSH to award $500,000,000 in grants and loans for supportive housing in 225 communities across the country, creating over 200,000 homes and transforming lives. You have helped us improve both the quality and delivery of housing and services for those in need.

The human and economic impacts of our investments have been far-reaching.


A sampling of projects we’ve assisted through the years:

Population        Project Name        Where      # Homes        CSH $$

Olmstead                Myers Place               IL                39 units          $50K (PIL)

Families                  Ferry Mutual              CT               24 units          $160K (L)

Older Adults          Buckingham               OH              75 units          $50K (PIL)

Youth                      Coolidge Court          CA               18 units          $197K (L)

Housing-Health   Camba Gardens       NY             500 units         $10K (G); $1.3M (L)

Super-Utilizers     Hickory Crossing      TX               50 units         $50K (G); $50K (L)

Housing-Health   Bell Building                MI             155 units          $50K (PIL); $1.3M (L); NMTC

Reentry                  Castle Gardens          NY              63 units         $15K (G); $697K (L)

HIV/AIDS             Clare Terrace             MN             33 units          $406K (L)

Veteran                  NWI Vet Village          IN              44 units           $414K (L)

G = Grant; L = Loan; PIL = Project Initiation Loan; NMTC = New Market Tax Credits


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