Speak Up Stories of Homelessness to Success in Housing


Through the community advocates’ stories we not only learn what works in solving homelessness, we begin to understand what life after homelessness looks like and the tremendous potential of the men and women who have made this journey. The connections between the community advocates experience, public policy and the broader social debate, allows the advocates to reinvigorate public dialogue. By understanding the human side of ending homelessness, we open the door to new allies and partners to share our common belief that homelessness can be ended. We also open the door to long time believers to see that not only can we end homelessness; we can harness the potential and energy of the people with lived experience of homelessness to be our partners in this movement.

Participants in Speak Up have advocated at the local, state and federal level, meeting with the legislators who are the decision makers on funding for supportive housing programs.


Story Snapshots






2014 Class of Advocates

Download a copy of our Yearbook  - stories of each of our participants in the 2014 Speak Up program. 

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