A number of PHAs across the country are project-basing vouchers to create supportive housing. Many of them are doing so in order to serve the most vulnerable households in their communities. These PHAs have generously offered to share how their programs work and have provided their sample documents for you to refer to as you develop your project-based supportive housing program. Following is a very brief description of each program. Please click on the icon below to access each CSH PHA Profile and sample documents.

Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority utilizes project-based vouchers to target housing units in the community for supportive housing for people with multiple barriers to housing. (This is a non-MTW project.)

The Housing Authority of Henry County Illinois project-based 10 apartments for people who are homeless and have disabilities who are over the age of 55 in an apartment complex that they developed. (This is a non-MTW project.)

Home Forward of Portland, Oregon has project-based 130 apartments at Bud Clark Commons, an apartment complex that it developed for the most vulnerable chronically homeless individuals in Portland. (This is a non-MTW project.)

Houston Housing Authority has been able to end veteran homelessness by working with their local Continuum of Care and creating a homeless preference for voucher programs. (This is a non-MTW program.)

The Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles project-based vouchers at Seasons at Compton, an 84-unit development serving seniors with developmental disabilities, seniors who care for dependents with developmental disabilities and recently homeless seniors with disabilities. (This is a non-MTW program.)

Rhode Island Housing uses project-based vouchers to serve households who are elderly, homeless, and/or have disabilities. (This is a non-MTW project.)

St. Paul Public Housing Agency has created a large project-based voucher program that has no limit on the number of special needs and homeless households it can serve. They currently have 259 units under contract. (This is a non-MTW program.)

The San Diego County Department of Housing and Community Development has created a project-based vouchers program that includes up to 225 units for homeless and special needs populations. They have made administrative changes and plan to have lease-ups start in 2013. (This is a non-MTW program.)


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