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A Quick Guide to Medicaid Waivers and State Plan Amendments

Medicaid is public health insurance. It pays for medically-necessary healthcare services. States provide Medicaid through a contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) called a Medicaid State Plan. There are specific federal guidelines that every state plan must include; however states may apply to CMS to create new benefits and serve specific populations under specific authorities called waivers and plan amendments. Many states are seeking waivers and/or plan amendments in order to pay for pre-tenancy and tenancy-sustaining services in supportive housing. This Quick Guide provides an overview of the Medicaid authorities most suitable for creating Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Benefits.

CSH's Medicaid Crosswalks

CSH analyzed a variety of Medicaid crosswalks to determine the overlap between your state's Medicaid plan and the services required for quality supportive housing. This page provides access to a sample of Medicaid crosswalks across the country:

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