CSH Medicaid Crosswalk for New Hampshire

The just released New Hampshire Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Crosswalk examines the extent to which services covered under New Hampshire’s Medicaid program align with supportive housing services for adults with significant needs. CSH conducted this Medicaid Crosswalk with funding from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, in partnership with Families in Transition and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Several best practices and recommendations are identified in the report. Among them, CSH recommends that:

  • a supportive housing services benefit be included as a Medicaid waiver or state plan amendment; new hampshire
  • supportive housing and case management services be covered and expanded to include individuals with substance use disorders;
  • resulting cost savings be redirected to behavioral health and housing systems;
  • training be provided to all stakeholder organizations (managed care organizations and health and housing providers) on the role of supportive housing as a health intervention.

Read more about the process, findings, and recommendations in the New Hampshire’s Medicaid Crosswalk.

Stakeholder education is already underway, through the Supportive Housing Medicaid Institute, funded by the Endowment for Health.

Additionally, CSH staff will present this week at New Hampshire’s Annual Homeless Providers Conference on the topics of health and housing innovations and Medicaid service funding opportunities around the country.

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