Pennsylvania Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Crosswalk

As evidence continues to establish supportive housing as an intervention that stabilizes people with chronic illnesses, providers and states are exploring ways to ensure Medicaid programs cover the services that supportive housing residents need. To this end, CSH has worked in many jurisdictions, including Pennsylvania, to maximize use of Medicaid resources for services. In an effort to increase the availability of services to formerly homeless Pennsylvanians and expand access to supportive housing, the PA Housing as Health Coalition partnered with CSH to explore ways to make intense services like substance use treatment and mental health recovery more available and accessible. The newly released Pennsylvania Medicaid Crosswalk provides the State, managed care entities, and service providers with a valuable tool that could help them access additional resources to support programs that are proven to help those experiencing homelessness attain stability and life-long success. Read the blog about the Crosswalk posted by the Pennsylvania Health Access Network.

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