The Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) is committed to ending homelessness among veterans within 5 years, but there is a subset of the homeless veteran population that is slipping through the cracks: the most vulnerable homeless veterans. These men and women face complex issues that have kept them trapped in the cycle of homelessness and in a “revolving door” of crisis service systems for decades.  If we cannot create the right kinds of housing and services models for the most vulnerable now, we risk allowing the newer generation of veterans returning from current conflicts to become tomorrow’s vulnerable long-term homeless veterans.   This is not acceptable.

CSH is dedicated to creating the housing and services models that work to reach and house the most vulnerable veterans, along with the technologies and systems needed to identify and engage them. We’re drawing upon 20 years of experience creating housing and services models and changing public systems to reach the most vulnerable homeless toto transform how our nation responds to hardest-to-serve veterans so that we can achieve the goal of ending homelessness among all our service men and women.

CSH is expert at building interventions that meet the needs of very vulnerable—and we have the on-the-ground contacts to make it happen. We can help solve this problem by working at several different touch-points. Our goal is to activate the existing VASH program so that it works more effectively to serve the most vulnerable veterans for whom it was designed. To that end, we will:

Transform Policy and Public Investment: We must change the way our nation responds to homeless veterans on a federal and local level. By prioritizing the most vulnerable, providing the right mix of housing solutions (which includes low-barrier, permanent options) and coordinating services at all levels, we can reform and strengthen our system. Continued and increased public investment in this smart, proven approach, combined with maximizing the existing VASH allocation will assure our success.

Develop and Sustain High-Quality Supportive Housing Programs: We must design supportive housing that works to address the specific needs of our homeless veterans. A time-tested and evidence-based intervention, supportive housing offers a clear solution for the hardest-to-serve—especially when each program is developed and operated at the highest level of quality.

Strengthen and Empower Housing and Services Providers: We must equip the people who work in veteran’s housing with best practices and tools for leveraging public programs. From public housing authorities to local VA medical centers to local service providers—everyone should be up-to-speed on the most efficient and effective ways to help our veterans find the homes they need.


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