What is often referred to as the "invisible population," (homeless and formerly homeless elders age 50 and older), can no longer be overshadowed or overlooked. The population has grown significantly, nearly half all single homeless adults are over age 50. Supportive housing, is also experiencing a "graying" tenant population that calls for changes to the way that quality supportive housing is delivered. CSH provides the tools and solutions to promote healthy aging in supportive housing.

Doctor Speaking with Patient

CSH National Healthy Aging Academy

With support from the AARP Foundation, CSH is pleased to announce its next Healthy Aging Academy. Building on several successful local academies on healthy aging, this new Academy takes learning and action to the next level by increasing the capacity of supportive, affordable housing and human services providers nationwide to help them meet the unique needs of elderly tenants.

Healthy Aging Resources


This toolkit is for those who want to develop housing solutions for vulnerable aging adults by creating, enhancing and delivering quality supportive housing.


Search our comprehensive resource library for the latest in serving aging adults in supportive housing.

Webinars & Training

Catch up on our healthy aging trainings and webinar series in the CSH Supportive Housing Training Center.


Cross-Sector Approach to Aging in Supportive Housing

Emily Martiniuk, a supportive housing resident and graduate of the CSH SpeakUp! program, kicked off a dynamic discussion with experts in healthcare, supportive housing, philanthropy, policy, systems change and research who came together as part of CSH’s fourth annual national Summit to offer perspectives on the current state of an aging population in supportive housing.