CSH's signature initiative FUSE helps communities break the cycle of homelessness and crisis among individuals with complex medical and behavioral health challenges who are the highest users of emergency rooms, jails, shelters, clinics and other costly crisis services.


How communities define a frequent (or super) utilizer varies, but the benefits of FUSE are constant.

FUSE Research & Resources


Evaluations from several communities that have implemented FUSE prove its success.

FUSE Tutorial for Health Centers


CSH has developed an online virtual training tutorial on how health centers can partner to start FUSE initiatives

Our map highlights the communities embracing FUSE supportive housing as a solution. Click on a community to learn more about their FUSE supportive housing.

Introduction to CSH's FUSE Initiative

Communities waste billions on uncoordinated service responses as people without housing frequently cycle between shelters, hospitals, jails, and the streets.

The FUSE supportive housing framework stabilizes frequent users of homeless, health and justice services, ending this costly revolving door.

CSH FUSE has been formally evaluated and shows impressive reductions in the use of expensive crisis services and greatly improves housing retention. Over 30 communities implementing FUSE are seeing positive results.

Justice System

• Reductions in jail usage and jail days
• Decreases recidivism

Medical & Mental Health

• Reductions in psychiatric inpatient hospitalizations
• Decreases in ED visits

Homeless Response System

• Reductions in shelter usage
• Housing retention rates of more than 85%

Cost Saving Across Systems

CSH FUSE (Frequent Users Systems Engagement) is a proven model identifying frequent users of jails, shelters, hospitals and/or other crisis public services and then improving their lives through supportive housing. Supportive housing is an evidence-based solution that leads to better health and other good outcomes for people homeless and disabled. Tenants are provided affordable housing with wraparound support services, which stabilizes their lives and significantly reduces returns to jail and homelessness, reliance on emergency health services, and improves overall quality of life.

The CSH FUSE Roadmap



Pilot Implementation


A successful FUSE initiative requires a local Champion with the vision to see the potential to change the trajectory for vulnerable people while also maximizing public resources through cross-systems planning, collaboration, partnerships and cooperation. You can identify or be the Champion in your community!

FUSE is a CSH Signature Initiative. As the FUSE Coach, CSH invented the playbook. We can help your Champion and community successfully navigate every stage of FUSE with our tailored workshops, training and one-on-one technical assistance. reach out to us today at fuse@csh.org.