San Fancisco Reentry Work

CSH is working in San Francisco to help increase access to housing with services for people with criminal backgrounds. This work is especially urgent as California implements Criminal Justice Realignment, transferring responsibility from state to county levels. Working with our partners, CSH is assisting in defining new pathways into existing housing for the reentry population.

Because many housing providers screen out potential tenants with criminal backgrounds, CSH is working with the Mayor’s Office of Housing to create new policies for tenant screening that will not penalize those who have served time. Implementing these policies will include extensive training for supportive housing owners and managers.

Next Steps

CSH hopes that this pilot – while starting in only one city – will provide a model that can be used in other California communities to house tenants who need a second chance.


San Francisco Reentry Council, Collaborative Courts, Mayor’s Office of Housing, San Francisco Housing Authority and the National Housing Law Project



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