CSH Connecticut: Training Center Subscriptions for DMHAS Providers

Annually, DMHAS purchases training subscriptions to the CSH Supportive Housing Training Center. This means that you have access to dozens of additional training options that are available to DMHAS providers throughout the year.


Note: These trainings are in addition to the DMHAS Catalog training courses!

See directions below to register for courses:

  • Browse available trainings at a special link provided to DMHAS providers.
  • Add to your cart any trainings that you would like to take and check out when you are ready to purchase your training.
  • Register at the checkout page. On the checkout page, your discount should be applied to the order, and the training should be listed as free.
  • If your training is not listed as free, then enter the coupon code: DMHAS2022
  • You will receive an email from the Training Center website with a confirmation that you have registered for the training and instructions to join the training at the Supportive Housing Training Center. (If you already have an account with us, your training will be added to your account.)

Note: Any 90-minute webinar or self-paced course is accessible to DMHAS providers at no additional costs through the end of this year. While you cannot sign up for a series or package, you can sign up for the courses within a package or series individually.

Any questions or issues with registering for training courses should be directed to ctinfo@csh.org or kimalea.anthony@csh.org. You can also find the instructions for accessing DMHAS subscription trainings in this flyer.


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