Chicago Coordinated Entry System Refinement Lab Report

In a coordinated entry system (CES), all providers of homeless housing and services in the community work together to ensure that from the moment a household first presents a housing crisis, there is a clear and consistent path towards ending their homelessness. A successful CES creates system change that shifts the focus of housing and service providers within the system from a strategy that says "Should we accept this household into our program?" to one that says "What housing /service assistance is best for each household to quickly and effectively end their housing crisis permanently?" Ultimately, the goals of a CES are to simplify access to housing and services for people experiencing homelessness, prioritize the most vulnerable households for the most intensive (expensive) housing/service resources, and improve overall system efficiency.

The Chicago Coordinated Entry Refinement Lab Report was crafted by CSH following a full day session with 90 stakeholders to learn from the community in order to continue to refine this Coordinated Entry system.


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