CAMBA Gardens I & II

The thought of using surplus property on hospital campuses was put forth as a policy concept by CSH in a white paper written in 2005CSH is proud to have been a part of both CAMBA Gardens I & II, a national model of supportive housing, and now home for hundreds of New York’s most vulnerable individuals and families.

CAMBA Gardens I & II provides a combined 502 affordable and supportive homes in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Comprehensive services provided by CAMBA, Inc. include a teaching kitchen,  employment and workforce development, computer training and health services through the adjacent King's County hospital. 

About CAMBA & CAMBA Housing Ventures

Started in 1977, CAMBA is a nonprofit agency that connects people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life. CAMBA offers integrated services and programs in: Economic Development, Education & Youth Development, Family Support, Health, Housing and Legal Services. CAMBA serves more than 45,000
individuals and families, including 9,000 youth, each year.

CAMBA has been addressing New York City’s housing crisis since 1991 by providing permanent and supportive housing, homeless prevention, housing relocation and emergency and transitional housing. In 2005, CAMBA created CAMBA Housing Ventures, Inc. (CHV) as an affiliated nonprofit affordable housing development

Today, CHV is an award-winning affordable, supportive housing developer. CHV pairs excellent design and sustainable, energy-efficient buildings with CAMBA’s life-changing case management services to provide safe, healthy homes for low-income and formerly homeless individuals. CHV’s goal is to create 1,000 units of
affordable housing by 2015.


May 2018


Affordable & Supportive Housing developed on King's County Hospital property.

CSH Investment

Predevelopment Loans
$800,000 for CAMBA Gardens I
$500,000 for CAMBA Gardens II