Webinar Series | Six Strategies to Scale Supportive Housing with Medicaid Coverage of Housing Related Services

Join CSH for the kickoff to a Fall webinar series that highlights states and communities that have included Medicaid coverage of Supportive Housing Services. Learn how they are using the benefit to increase the quantity and quality of supportive housing available in their communities. This is the first session in a six-part series on CSH’s policy brief, which outlines strategies to leverage Medicaid for Housing Related Services (HRS).

Webinar: Strategies to Scale Supportive Housing. The webinar is September 20, 2023 from 1-2:30PM ET. IT will include lessons learned from DC's Medicaid program.

Strategy #1: Integrating Medicaid and Housing Systems – Lessons Learned from Washington DC's Medicaid Housing Supportive Services Program

This webinar will feature the first strategy: integrating Medicaid services and housing systems.

In this session, learn how Washington DC:

  • Integrated Medicaid funding with federal and city housing funds
  • Established integrated housing and healthcare systems to support beneficiaries
  • Increased district capacity to deliver quality housing and supportive services

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Strategy #2: Aligning Eligibility Criteria for Housing and Housing Related Services – Lessons Learned from Washington State's Apple Health and Home Program

This webinar will feature the second strategy: aligning eligibility criteria between housing and services. 

In this session, learn how Washington state:

  • Created the Apple Health and Home program
  • Aligned populations between their Foundational Community Support Benefit and housing assistance services
  • Worked together across state departments to ensure more providers could deliver quality housing and supportive services

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Strategy #3: Integrating Medicaid and Housing Systems: Developing Rates for Services using a Cost Based Budgeting Framework

In this session, learn about Maryland’s Assistance in Community Integration Pilots or ACIS program. This session will focus on cost based budgeting and how Maryland is working to ensure that their provider network for ACIS has adequate rates to fiscally sustain their programs.  

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Strategy #5: Build Capacity for Housing and Homeless Services Agencies to Deliver HRS

In this session, learn how California is building homeless and supportive housing agencies’ capacities through state-supported technical assistance and start up funding. California’s groundbreaking Medi-Cal Transformation program CalAIM waiver, includes the CalAIM-PATH program. This program includes the PATHTA Marketplace and the CITED (Capacity, Infrastructure Transition, Expansion and Development) funding and start up funding for programs working with those returning to communities from carceral systems via the Justice Involved Capacity Building Initiative. Together, this funding and technical assistance can support agencies looking to grow their services and programs via Medicaid billing.

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Strategy #5, Part II: Administrative Support to Operate Medicaid Billing for Housing and Homeless Agencies: A Massachusetts Solution

January 23, 2024 | 2:00PM - 3:30PM ET
As supportive housing agencies implement Housing Related Services, they may choose to contract out their Medicaid billing infrastructure for either the short or long term. Due to popular demand, this is a second session on strategy #5: building supportive housing agencies’ capacity. Hear from a statewide partnership in Massachusetts about how one ‘parent agency’ successfully supports 16 other agencies in their billing process to ensure that Housing Related Services are available statewide

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Additional session times and details will be posted soon.

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