Our Vision for Thriving Communities

A note from Deb De Santis, President & CEO

Last week CSH hosted our first ever Virtual Summit. Thank you to the 1,000+ participants, our sponsors and funders, and sessions leaders. What struck me throughout the four-day event was the honest conversation around disproportionate impact across public sectors, addressing and dismantling structural racism, and moving toward a vision in which all people are able to thrive. Powerful testimonials from the voices of people with lived expertise affirmed the importance of centering lived expertise in all facets of decision making and system redesign. 

As we move forward in our work we must seize the opportunities presented through unprecedented levels of funding available in Emergency Services Grants and the CARES Act to meaningfully address systemic racism and place the people who for too long, have been left on the street, in shelters and now in hotels/motels, into real housing. We must also continue to challenge ourselves and our partners that returning to “normal” is not enough. We must strive to return to better.

With better in mind we share our vision for thriving communities through our Thrive Framework and Compact for Thriving Communities. We also encourage communities to dive into our data across 16 systems in our Racial Disparities and Disproportionality Index (RDDI) with more information on racial disparities coming soon.

Below are CSH tools and resources that layout our vision. Thank you again for everyone who participated in last week’s Summit. I also extend my appreciation to everyone in the supportive housing industry. You give me hope and confidence that collectively we can move beyond the crisis and help communities re-imagine a better tomorrow.


Read the CSH Thrive Framework for our vision on creating a society that ensures that all people, especially those who have been marginalized or discriminated against, have a home in the community and the support they need to thrive.

Dive into the data across 16 systems in our Racial Disparities and Disproportionality Index.

Sign up to learn more about our Compact for Thriving Communities, a collective call to action to policymakers, advocates and practitioners supporting health, choice, and equity, instead of institutionalization to realign priorities and funding for people who our systems have failed.

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