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Measure 26-210 Passes in the Portland, Oregon Metro Region

Heather Lyons, CSH Director Pacific Northwest

Thanks to amazing leadership and organizing across community interests, voters in the Portland, Oregon Metro Region soundly approved Measure 26-210, also known as the Supportive Housing Services Program. This program is expected to generate $2.5 billion over 10 years to provide housing and services for people experiencing long-term homelessness and those who are in need of homeless prevention resources.

Our region is not unique in having COVID-19 expose the gaps in our ability to provide housing and services at the level and scale needed. “Sheltering at Home” is not an option for people without a home, let alone access to appropriate shelter. The Supportive Housing Services Program generated by Measure 26-210 will not only create greater opportunities to provide stability for people to improve their health and thrive through housing and services, as a regional approach it will also improve systemic responses to the issues that contribute to homelessness. 

In 2018, voters also supported a $653 million regional bond for affordable and supportive housing. These capital resources, and others, will greatly benefit from the resources this new measure will generate.

As an organization focused on ensuring people have a real home in the community with the support they need to thrive, CSH was thrilled to be an early supporter of this effort and looks forward to the continued community support to create housing and services in the Portland Metro Region.

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