Anthem and Indy's Blue Triangle Housing Program

One of our valued funders and a sponsor of the 2019 CSH Summit, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is an integral part of an effective partnership in our host city that is transforming the lives of people through supportive housing while strongly emphasizing healthcare services.

The Housing and Medicaid Services Pilot Program in Indianapolis, also known as the Blue Triangle Housing Program, is a collaboration that includes Anthem, the City of Indianapolis, a non-profit housing organization, and a community mental health center (CMHC).

The City covers the cost of room and board, the non-profit housing organization helps locate housing, and the CMHC provides wrap-around services.

The Blue Triangle Program is available to Anthem Medicaid members and targets individuals experiencing homelessness who may have significant mental health and/or substance use issues, multiple physical health issues, and a need to access acute, care-crisis services. Anthem, in addition to providing customary Medicaid benefits, funds and supports intensive healthcare and social services navigation, and assists clients with tenancy and housing needs.

The initiative aims to improve overall health and quality of life, fostering social connections and supporting housing independence. The central construct is cooperation and investment across a broad spectrum of stakeholders from housing organizations to service provider networks.

Since May 2017, 111 people have participated in the Program. A total of 68 individuals completed it, and 62% moved into stable housing or accessed a better program to meet their needs.

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