CSH Summit 2019 Sessions Request for Qualifications

CSH SUMMIT 2019: April 30 - May 2 | Indianapolis, IN

CSH Summit 2019 will be action-oriented, “Connecting the Dots” by aiming to advance multi, cross-sector cooperation, collaborations and partnerships that lead directly to supportive housing solutions and healthier communities. With supportive housing as the hub, we will tie together healthcare, education, workforce development, justice, behavioral health, community planning and other important fields.


We are looking to activate Summit participants to take action, and are therefore seeking qualified groups/individuals to lead innovative experiences focused on the following topics:

  • Housing & Healthcare: Medicaid; Hospital-Housing Investment
  • Supportive Housing Approaches in Rural and Tribal Communities
  • Innovations in Healthy Aging in Place in SH
  • Serving Tenants with Addiction Disorders: Opioids; Other Substances
  • Housing Finance and Development: Cross-Sector Partnerships; Cutting-Edge Ideas (Pay For Success)
  • Using Cross-System Data to Create Affordable, Supportive Housing & Systems Change
  • Youth: Leading with Innovative Solutions
  • Supportive Housing for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Innovations in Supportive Housing

General Session Details:

  • Session lengths are 1 hour 30 minutes and must be interactive.
  • Sessions should consist of no more than 1 moderator and 3 speakers or activity leaders (total of 4).

Along with Your Qualifications, You Should Tell Us How You Would Structure a Proposed Session. Please Note All Sessions Must:

  • Be interactive. Please review CSH’s Summit Session Preferred Interactive Methods.
  • Rely on and convey a multi-system, collaborative approach across sectors, presenting your supportive housing solution and an outline on how to activate and accomplish it.
  • Share exemplary practices in the supportive housing field.
  • Take time to examine issues and trends with an eye on cutting-edge developments/ideas.
  • Incorporate lived-experience whenever possible.
  • Share how you are applying a racial equity lens to your work.

Other Important Information:

  • Your qualifications and proposal must be electronically submitted to CSH by January 9, 2019.
  • You will not be able to start your submission, save it, and return at a later time. We encourage you to write out the submission first and then complete the online form.
  • Up to two people per accepted session will receive complimentary registration to Summit 2019. All session moderators and speakers will be responsible for paying for hotel rooms and travel costs.

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