Voices of Supportive Housing

Voices of Supportive Housing (#VoicesofSH) is a space for supportive housing providers, executives, family members, and self-advocates to tell stories, ask questions, give answers, and share resources.

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Voices of Supportive Housing Episodes

Deb DeSantis, President & CEO, CSH

Deb De Santis discusses the voices missing from the conversation around supportive housing are the voices of the people who have lived in places and, due to rising prices, can no longer afford to live in these same places anymore. She reminds supportive housing providers that they’re not alone in this fight, and they should pick up the phone and learn from the larger network of providers.

Jennifer Ho (formerly Senior Advisor, HUD)

Jennifer explains the need for making the case to all stakeholders for proven, cost-effective supportive housing programs. She provides examples of successful Housing First initiatives and using Medicaid as a tool to connect people with housing.

Patrick Germain (formerly Chief Strategy Officer, Project Renewal)

In this discussion, Patrick talks about using data and information to track programs and develop new ones. By using an electronic record, Project Renewal is able to measure the accuracy and success of their goals.

Avi Bowie (formerly Director of Youth Programs, Center on Halsted)

Avi touches on the tremendous need for supportive housing in the LGBTQ community, especially for youth. Hear how empowering individuals to be actively engaged in their own action plans and provide feedback  on the services they receive has been a successful model for Center on Halsted.

Marcie James, Family Advocate, Memphis Strong Families

Marcie addresses how the model of thinking in the industry is shifting, placing tenants in the ‘driver’s seat’. She talks about inspiring and motivating tenants to become their own best advocate and build back trust through services like motivational interviewing.

Daniel Nelson, Director, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Daniel reminds us that without the basic need for shelter, food and clothing, it is difficult to start working on the more sophisticated domains in life. He talks about the intangible benefits of data that allow you to identify variables that are successful, to help providers master the craft of supporting the families they work with.

Steve Dilella, Director of Homeless Services, State of CT

Learn how Steve bridges the gap between the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Department of Housing because they are two integral parts of supportive housing. He touches on how partnerships and their coordinated access system can help them reach HUD goals.

Tim Hunnicutt, Co-Founder/CEO, Zero Day

Tim discusses partnering with the private sector to develop community projects to employ veterans. By doing so, they are giving their veterans a new mission– to better their community.

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