Training & Technical Assistance for Health Centers

CSH is seeking an organization to provide training/technical assistance (T/TA) to health centers and health center partners through a United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) funded initiative. This HHS funded TA initiative focuses on using data to improve identification of frequent users of healthcare, and to improve care coordination between health, housing, and service providers. The appropriate organization(s) will need to demonstrate that they have the following qualifications:

  • An organization that works with health care centers on a national level;
  • An organization that has experience working with health care centers that service homeless populations;
  • Have content matter expertise on health and healthcare issues for vulnerable populations including homeless populations;
  • Can access and utilize national healthcare data;
  • Expertise in providing training and technical assistance to health care centers on health and housing;
  • Has experience working with Federal Departments.

The organization will be expected to complete the following tasks

  1. Outreach
    The subcontractor will provide CSH with recommendations for health centers to engage and target for initiative work.
    Deliverable: Connect 50 Health Centers to initiative work.
  2. Direct Technical Assistance
    Collaborate with CSH on providing direct technical assistance to health care centers on health and housing partnerships.
    Deliverable: Provide direct technical assistance in collaboration with CSH to at least 10 heath centers.
  3. Webinars and Learning Collaboratives
    Coordinate, collaborate and lead with CSH webinars and learning collaboratives under the initiative workplan.
    Deliverable:  Collaborate with CSH and/or lead at least two webinars and two learning collaboratives.
  4. Content Development
    Development of materials and review of CSH materials related to initiative workplan deliverables; needs assessment utilizing UDS data; assist with the development of tools, guides, and best practices models.
    Deliverable: Provide content on at least two written guidance documents.
  5. Project Management
    Participate in regular team calls with CSH; participate in regular calls with federal funder; provide other collaboration as needed; and complete required project reporting.
    Deliverable: Monthly initiative call participation and reporting.

Funding Available:

An amount not to exceed $175,000 is available for this project.

Contract Timeframe:

The contract will cover two-years of the HHS initiative renewable after the first year based on satisfactorily meeting deliverables.

Application Process:

In order for consideration and participate in this work, we will need you to complete and return the below application and forms no later than August 22, 2018.

You may include up to 6 staff members in the application. The following forms are included:

All of the application information and forms must be completed and submitted to Jennifer Yang (jennifer.yang@csh.org) no later than August 22, 2018 in order to be considered. This information includes proposed billing rates, completed copies of the forms referenced above, resumes for up to six proposed staff members included in the Staff Experience and Expertise matrix and the Organization Experience matrix, and a two paragraph description of your organization's core competencies and accomplishments.


CSH will evaluate applications utilizing the following criteria and will select the highest-scoring valid proposal: 

  • Demonstrated successful performance of substantially similar work (up to 20 points);
  • Relevant project work (up to 20 points);
  • Experience and expertise (up to 20 points);
  • Years of relevant experience (up to 20 points); and
  • Rate reasonableness and overall cost of services (up to 20 points)

We will contact you regarding the determination of adding you as a CSH subcontractor. Please note that CSH requires subcontractors, including individuals and sole proprietors, to carry workers' compensation insurance while performing work under a CSH subcontract.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Jennifer.

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