Subcontracting Opportunity: RFQ for Property Management Trainings

Subcontracting Opportunity: Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to Meet Immediate Need for Assistance with Customer Experience, Strategy & Content for CSH External Trainings Regarding Property Management


CSH is seeking a subcontractor to provide assistance, expert advice and strategic planning to enhance web-based, online trainings offered through CSH programs hosted by the CSH Supportive Housing Training Center. These sessions will be focused specifically on property management in supportive housing.

The successful subcontractor selected through this RFQ process must be able to begin work immediately and partner with the CSH designated team to support the growing needs of a learning, teaching and development organization and its trainings. The subcontractor must provide services that blend best practices of learning technologies, content, and deep affordable, supportive expertise to help CSH manage a modern training solution and customer experience.

Furthermore, the successful subcontractor from this RFQ must help CSH and our customers obtain the greatest value for their and our investment in learning and teaching, and at all times act as a partner in expanding the use of our technology and trainings while increasing impact on our business with expertise and resources available to help us deliver superior service and measure impact.

Planned Activities:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience
  2. Training Strategy
  3. Specific Content Design
  4. Property Management Focus
  5. Learning Program Development
  6. Learning Metrics & Evaluations
  7. Web-based Proficiencies


Expected Outcomes, Milestones, and Deliverables:

CSH is specifically seeking a subcontracted entity qualified to assist with the following training services:

  • Provide 6 (once a month for 6 months) 60-minute web-based learning community sessions on topics of interest to property managers in supportive housing. Topics will be selected jointly by CSH and consultant, based on areas of need and expertise. Learning community sessions consist of providing 20 minutes of training content, and then facilitating a 40-minute period of case studies, discussion and/or peer sharing.
  • Provide a web-based series of 3 trainings on topics of interest to property managers in supportive housing to be launched in late summer or fall of 2018. Topics will be selected jointly by CSH and consultant, based on areas of need and expertise. Web-based trainings should be 75 minutes in length and consist mostly of lecture with interactivity (case studies, quizzes, etc.) dispersed throughout.

All sessions will be hosted through the CSH online Supportive Housing Training Center.

CSH will provide technology and logistical support to consultant, and a CSH staff person will be present for each session to assist with technology and session flow.

Funding Available:

An amount not to exceed $8,000.00 USD is immediately available for this project.

Application Process and Vendor Requirements:

To apply for this opportunity email Nicole Bahena indicating your interest and qualifications at nicole.bahena@csh.org by 5 pm CT, Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

Upon review of all vendor RFQ applications, CSH will select the best qualified vendor.  The selected vendor will then have the opportunity to submit a formal scope of work and invoice.

Applications may be submitted in any format the respondent chooses to use.  Applications received before the deadline will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated successful performance of substantially similar work
  • Relevant project work specific to this announcement
  • Experience and expertise, including years of relevant experience
  • Rate reasonableness and overall cost of services
  • Special consideration will be given to small, disadvantaged, minority or women-owned businesses

Please note that CSH requires subcontractors, including individuals and sole proprietors, to carry workers' compensation insurance while performing work under a CSH subcontract.  If you have questions regarding this requirement, please contact Nicole Bahena at nicole.bahena@csh.org.

CSH subcontractors cannot have existing, pending or expired debarments that preclude them from doing business with the United States government and cannot have convictions for, nor have any pending indictments for, fraud or a criminal offense in connection with a public contract or subcontract.

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