CSH Releases New RFP for Pay for Success Assistance

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CSH is soliciting applicants who are interested in using the Pay for Success model to create supportive housing for vulnerable populations. Applicants should be interested in the opportunity to further a Pay for Success initiative in their community by building the capacity of nonprofit service providers. Submissions are due by June 28, 2018, 8:00pm ET/ 5:00pm PT.

Eligible Lead Applicants

Eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations, or organizations applying on behalf of nonprofit service providers including public or nonprofit universities, state and local governments (and other political subdivisions), tribes, as well as faith-based organizations from communities that have or are currently exploring Pay for Success. Eligible nonprofit organizations include those described in as defined in 2 CFR 200.70.

Please note that unlike the prior round of competition under this award, applicants are not required to have received other SIF funding for Pay for Success exploration. As noted above, this competition seeks to accept eligible applicants that come from partners, service providers or jurisdictions in communities that previously benefited from a SIF supported network of PFS investments as well as communities where the federal funds could accelerate the developmental readiness of their PFS pipeline.

Partnerships of the above organizations are eligible to apply. An eligible partnership is a formal relationship between two existing eligible applicants as defined above, where the partner organizations will share responsibilities under the award and should include a legal agreement, such as a Memorandum of Understanding, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each partner. A single lead entity should submit an application.

Communities that are participating in the Data-Driven Justice Initiative to use data to drive system reform for vulnerable justice-involved populations will be prioritized for this award.

Background on This Initiative

PFS is an innovative tool to scale supportive housing and lever to drive system change to address a range of community needs. There is a robust body of evidence on the efficacy of supportive housing to improve health, criminal justice and housing outcomes for the most vulnerable and to create more sustainable funding models for the public systems that serve these persons. Supportive housing serves a range of target populations, including super utilizers of crisis systems, individuals experiencing homelessness, youth and families, and disabled residents of health institutions who wish to live in the community.

Each population has different service needs and varying costs to government when homeless and crossing multiple service systems. CSH is currently engaged in work in multiple jurisdictions to advance the PFS model. Through this work we have seen the potential of PFS begin to be realized as multiple governments have reoriented their systems to focus on paying for outcomes. We also recognize the critical role that service providers play in delivering high quality services for communities. For many service providers, even those with a strong history of delivering supportive housing, there is a significant opportunity to improve operations, data collection and utilization, financial management and service delivery to ensure the best possible outcomes can be achieved and documented. Such capacity building and assistance for service providers is the focus of the technical assistance and training to be delivered through this opportunity.


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