Healthy Aging in Place: Integrated Service Models Making Impact

Webinar Looks at Residents Who Are Aging in Supportive Housing and What Providers Can Do to Leverage Effective Services to Improve the Quality of Life for Those Residents. 

As the population over 50 years old continues to grow so does their wish to remain and age safely within their communities.  Supportive housing presents a unique challenge because the older adults residing in it have a higher prevalence of fixed incomes, physical disabilities and medically-limited mobility.

Today CSH hosted a webinar highlighting unique health and housing partnerships delivering enhanced services to aging supportive housing residents struggling with chronic health conditions and intensive daily living needs. The webinar also helped participants gain a deeper understanding of the different financing structures providers have leveraged to deliver services tailored to supportive housing residents aging in place. Lastly, the topics of physical design challenges that serve as barriers to healthy aging were discussed, specifically how developers are responding to the mobility needs of their residents by improving accessibility to help maintain independence.

The panel of experts presenting during the webinar were:

Pascale Leone, CSH

Pascale Leone, Associate Director, CSH

Scott Walker, Director of Residential Services, CaringWorks

Bob Theil, Government Affairs Manager New Courtland

Molly Dugan, SASH Program Director in Vermont

Robin Wagner, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Louisiana Department of Health

Scott Walker, CaringWorks


"(CSH)...did a wonderful job with the planning and coordination. The level of professionalism exhibited (during the webinar) did not go unnoticed!" 

Scott Walker, CaringWorks


Click here to access the PowerPoint slide deck from today's webinar.


CSH would like to thank the Mizuho Foundation and The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc. for making today’s important webinar possible.

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