CSH Says "Yes-In-My-Backyard" (YIMBY) in Los Angeles

When they approved $1.2 billion last November to create affordable supportive housing and then authorized the collection of nearly $3.5 billion in taxes over the next decade to fund critical services to keep people housed and healthy, voters in the County and City of Los Angeles signaled their steadfast determination to address homelessness in their communities. CSH is proud to have actively supported both ballot measures and recognizes some of the hardest work lies ahead, especially when it comes to siting new housing for very low-income residents.

To ensure the voter’s decisions and new resources result in the affordable housing needed to end homelessness, CSH and our partners are now building bridges with neighborhood leaders, grassroots organizations, local providers and community activists to ignite “Yes-In-My-Backyard” (YIMBY) in Los Angeles.

Because myths surrounding affordable supportive housing are not confined to one town or city, CSH has years of experience as a national nonprofit working to ensure public participation and backing for the siting of supportive housing, which can take the shape of one apartment building or affordable units scattered throughout existing neighborhoods.

Our 25 years of work on quality supportive housing has produced a blueprint on site selection criteria and search strategies, which includes guidance on community acceptance.

Using our expertise as the solid foundation for a community-wide network, CSH is joining the United Way, and a coalition of community partners, to ensure the groundwork is laid for Angelenos to embrace more supportive housing in their neighborhoods through a “Yes-In-My-Backyard” (YIMBY) campaign similar to those unfolding in New York City and San Francisco.

CSH gratefully acknowledges support received from the Community Progress Makers Fund, Citi Foundation, which is helping to advance our efforts to elevate and expand the "Yes-In-My-Backyard (YIMBY) Los Angeles campaign.

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