Housing First Fidelity Training

CSH Makes Housing First Training Available in Ohio 

CSH in Ohio has launched a two-day training session on what it means to practice high fidelity Housing First practices. Using the Housing First Fidelity Index developed by Dennis Watson and Valery Shuman, CSH and local partners explore the “why’s” and “how’s” of effective Housing First practices.

The training is designed through both a system and programmatic lens, complete with exercises and practice tips to help lo236_Vets-Training-1024x768cal systems adhere more closely to the principles that make Housing First an evidence-based practice. The training has been conducted in seven communities so far and will be rolled out in several other locations in early 2017.

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Please see the sample program schedule below and contact Katie Kitchen at katie.kitchin@csh.org for detailed information. Dates for additional training sessions will be shared soon. Note that there will be some pre-work required in order to make the most of the workshop and to ensure that the training offers tactical strategies for participants to put into practice right away. 

Sample Training Program Schedule

Day One: 10:00-4:30

Housing First Fidelity: Using the Housing First Fidelity Index scale developed by Dennis Watson with the School of Public Health at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and Valery Shuman with the Midwest Harm Reduction Institute, participants take a deep dive into what it means to operate a Housing First program to the highest degree of fidelity possible, and when not possible, how to mediate for adaptations. A self-assessment is conducted in advance of the workshop (the results do not need to be shared outside the organization), that helps participants focus in on areas that require more attention. Participants interact with training materials, case studies, and small group work that improve understanding of the 29 metrics found by Watson to be most closely linked to achieving the outcomes associated with high fidelity Housing First.

Day Two: 8:30 - 12:30

Property Management and Service Coordination: from project design to lease up, through to eviction prevention, we discuss the separate and distinct roles of property management and services and the overlapping areas that require thoughtful communication and collaboration. We review eviction prevention strategies and policies that can reduce the impact of negative turnovers.

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