Let's Prioritize Housing Credits

602_ExtendedHousingGroundBreaking_Aug12As a member of the Steering Committee of the ACTION campaign, CSH is working with over 1300 national, state and local organizations and businesses to ensure the new Administration of President-elect Donald Trump and Congressional leadership are squarely behind the Housing Credit as they consider reforms to the nation's tax code and infrastructure investments. Together, we are highlighting the overwhelming need for more affordable rental housing and urging our leaders to expand and strengthen the Housing Credit to increase the availability of safe and affordable housing, and revitalize local economies. The Housing Credit and Housing Bonds are positive examples of the power of the U.S. tax code to improve communities and have been a vital resource in ending homelessness. Click here to read the ACTION Campaign's letter and to join us in advancing policies that create affordable housing, bolster economic development and invest in our nation's future.

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