New Hampshire’s Frequent Service Utilizers Issue Brief

NHIn 2016, communities in New Hampshire saw an increase in the number of individuals experiencing homelessness with significant health issues that often require a higher level of care. Advocates quickly realized that the current systems lacked the appropriate housing and services capacities to meet the growing needs. These gaps resulted in prolonged suffering for individuals faced with housing instability and chronic health conditions, and in significant financial costs for communities in the state.

Recognizing the problems required identification and a  policy strategy based on collaboration and cooperation, advocates joined together and created a report on high-utilizer case studies and possible solutions, including supportive housing.

The Frequent Service Utilizers Issue Brief illustrates the complexities in serving high-need populations, the financial implications of inadequate care, and highlights successful solutions seen across the country such as supportive housing.

Information and case studies were compiled by New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness, Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, Families in Transition, and New Horizons for New Hampshire.

Read more about the case studies and findings by accessing the Frequent Service Utilizers Issue Brief.

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