CSH @ Indiana Housing Conference

peggyThe recently convened 2015 Indiana Housing Conference hosted a panel discussion focused on creating supportive housing in the Hoosier State, and highlights the 6th Annual Indiana Supportive Housing Institute held earlier this year.

The Institute is sponsored by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and State Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Staff from both agencies are actively involved in a learning process with Institute teams from all over the state, helping local groups think through how to leverage supportive housing to make the largest possible impact in their communities.

CSH works with IHCDA to support groups involved in the Institute, lending our national experience and expertise on how best to approach the creation of supportive housing in Indiana.

During the Conference's panel discussion, Peggy Bailey, CSH Director of Health Systems Integration, spoke about housing as a determinant of health and how data is revealing that supportive housing improves health outcomes for residents while lowering costs for crisis-services delivery systems.

Also on the panel, several of our partners - including Jacob Sipe and Rodney Stockment with IHCDA and Mark McDaniel, President & CEO of Great Lakes Capital - spoke about ways the State is working with communities, providers, developers and advocates to create more access to supportive housing.

Great Lakes Capital is one of the main sponsors of the Institute and Mark conveys a very compelling story in the panel discussion video, which you can access below. Just click on the play button and watch Peggy and Mark, and our colleagues from IHCDA, discuss the dynamics in Indiana, the State's commitment, and how supportive housing there is transforming lives.



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