CSH in Madison Wisconsin/Dane County CoC

CSH is excited to collaborate with the Madison/Dane County Continuum of Care (CoC) create a more accessible path to housing for vulnerable individuals and families. To achieve this goal, CSH and the CoC are working together to:

  • implement written standards
  • create a housing first system
  • analyze transitional housing stock and community need
  • implement coordinated access

CSH and the Madison/Dane County CoC will accomplish this in a four part process.

Part One
Train providers on moving toward a housing first system. With this goal in mind, CSH delivered a one-day training for executive directors and program staff on the topic of housing first as a philosophy and practice.


Part Two
Establishing program standards. CSH Staff Nicole Bahena and Stephanie Mercier hosted a community meeting centered around setting program standards in Madison. The morning was spent discussing housing first; where people weighed in on what housing first components are essential for the community and what policies and resources need to change to get us there. The afternoon was spent talking about and dissecting the process of setting standards. By the end of this, the community was able to give a draft version of their housing models chart that can be used by the written standards committee to edit for approval by the CoC board of directors.

Part Three
Analyzing system flow and gaps. The goal of this phase will be for CSH to create a CoC System map and gaps analysis to establish the community need for homeless interventions, as well as appropriate target populations for each intervention. Additionally, there will be a presentation to appropriate CoC members on map and gaps analysis findings. Finally, CSH will provide recommendations for coordinated access expansion based on system flow and gaps analysis.

Part Four
Provide transitional housing analysis for six projects. This will include providing a report that summarizes the transitional housing projects analysis as well as an action plan for proceeding with any conversion or performance improvement recommendations. Additionally, CSH will schedule coaching sessions with agencies interested in making changes.

CSH is looking forward to seeing the great outcomes of this work in Madison/Dane County CoC.

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