Thank You to Alison Recca-Ryan for 14 Years of Work in New Jersey

Letter from Ryan Moser, Managing Director of the Eastern Region

I am writing to share some important news with you about CSH’s work in New Jersey. CSH is armed with talented staff based in New Jersey be it through our Community Investment resources, Government Affairs and Innovation portfolio or our technical assistance on projects, initiatives, or events. Through much of that work, Alison Recca-Ryan has been our local leader as the Director of the New Jersey office. With her guidance, and supported by our other tremendous CSHers in New Jersey we have seen great progress in New Jersey, working with all of our partners in the field to expand access to supportive housing for those with the greatest needs. Now, after fourteen years with CSH, Alison will be stepping down as Director.

Alison’s work with CSH has included projects, initiatives and campaigns that focused on the chronically homeless, most vulnerable individuals, people leaving institutional care and correctional settings, families involved with the child welfare system and transition aged youth. You have seen her impact from Camden to Newark assisting communities to shift their resources from transitional programs to supportive housing, realigning systems of care and financing, and developing smarter public policy. You may not know that Alison has also worked on projects as a part of our regional team in Georgia, Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York; and has contributed to CSH’s national initiatives and agenda. While Alison's presence here day-to-day at CSH will be ending, I am very glad to report that she will be continuing to share her expertise as a consultant on some of our CSH initiatives.

CSH’s work in New Jersey will continue and will be handled by the other tremendous CSHers that many of you have worked with including, Colleen Velez, Lisa Kern, and Holly Denniston. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of the new faces here at CSH that have roles in the state, Pascal Leone will be working on health initiatives across New Jersey and New York and Erin Burns-Maine will be working to expand access to supportive housing for high-need families and youth.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Alison on her accomplishments and wish her well as she makes her next bold moves. If you have any questions regarding how you can access and work with CSH in NJ, Please Contact:

Regional Staff

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