Spotlight on Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) wanted to expand housing options for people who no longer need permanent supportive housing, ensuring that those housing units are targeted to the most vulnerable. Thus, CHA began their “Moving-On” pilot program.

“Moving On” is a pilot program that targets persons living in permanent supportive housing who no longer need intensive services and want to move into affordable housing in the community. These applicants with stable housing histories will be able to access new affordable housing resources in the form of a CHA housing choice voucher. To be eligible for this project, applicants will need to demonstrate self-sufficiency and housing stability, as defined by the assessment tool created for the pilot. Once participants are housed in a new unit in the community, the now available supportive housing unit would be targeted to a priority population, currently identified through the Central Referral System.

CHA offers this advice to other PHAs who may be interested in helping appropriately house individuals, “CHA is early in its implementation of this program but would be happy to share lessoned learned to date and talk with other PHAs that are interested in starting a Moving-On program.”

Learn more about CHA and their Moving-On program, CSH’s work with PHAs, and learn from other PHAs on CSH’s PHA Resource Page and in our PHA Toolkit.

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