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Washington Post, September 4, 2013
This Chart Shows Why $270 billion in housing Hasn't Solved Homelessness
Will Fischer, a housing expert at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, notes that in 2012 we spent about $270 billion in federal money subsidizing housing. Our housing policy isn't just heavily biased against renters. It's hugely regressive too. Most of that didn't go to the poor. For policy ideas that have the potential of actually ending family homelessness, this report from the Corporation for Supportive Housing and the National Alliance to End Homelessness on "rapid re-housing" programs is a great place to start.

Digital Journal, September 18
8th Annual Michigan Homeless Summit Kicks Off Today in Frankenmuth
Nearly 400 homeless service providers from across the state were on hand for today's kickoff of the 8th Annual Homeless Summit, spearheaded by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and the Michigan Campaign to End Homelessness. Michigan's Campaign to End Homelessness began its journey to provide housing for the state's most vulnerable population in 2006 with MSHDA, the state Departments of Community Health, Human Services, Education and Corrections in partnership with the Corporation for Supportive Housing and the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness.

Jackson Free Press, September 18
Everyone Needs a Roof
The old paradigm is that people with unsolved issues—such as lack of a job or a drug addiction—had to address their problems before they could obtain a permanent home. Research now shows that a stable home allows a person to solve his or her problems much faster—and it keeps them off the streets. To end homelessness, communities must develop a long-term plan. They may manage homelessness in the short run, but won't end it. Effective community plans include: Coordinated Access among providers to have a single, uniform method to access housing resources. "The aim is to ensure that (people) in crisis have the same experience as they seek housing services and that they are directed to the best housing solution for their situation." —Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)


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