Meet CSH Board Chair, Denise O'Leary

Denise O'Leary, Chair of the CSH Board of Directors, answers a few questions in our Meet the Board Series.

Q: Why did you join the CSH Board?
I had recently decided to leave full-time work in the venture capital industry, and was looking for a not-for-profit that I could get involved with - something besides my alma mater and my children's schools. Roger Clay persuaded me that this was an incredible organization, and one that had the potential to change the national conversation on homelessness. I was sold!

Q: What has been your most rewarding experience as board chair?  

There have been many, but leading what was by all accounts a fair, inclusive and robust process for the selection of CSH's President was way up there.

Q: What excites you the most about CSH’s work in supportive housing?  

The focus on all aspects of the issue: systems change work at the federal, state and local levels, advocacy, training others to do the work, and the innovation around not just ending, but preventing, homelessness.

 Q: Where do you see CSH in 10 years?  
While it would be a dream if in 10 years we had finished our work, and therefore didn't need to exist anymore, I suspect we will continue to be at the forefront of our original vision - preventing and ending homelessness. We have learned so much on this journey - perhaps we can apply our lessons learned to other large social issues.

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