Twenty Successes – CSH’s Supportive Housing Institute Grows with the Industry

CSH’s signature workshop, the Supportive Housing Institute, began in Connecticut in 2003. Designed to increase the development of supportive housing, the Institute is now held all across the country, transforming the supportive housing industry.

The Supportive Housing Institute brings technical assistance directly to developers and providers through a curriculum that covers financing sources, building design, property management and service delivery.

Since its inception, the Institute has not only expanded to more communities, but also inspired several specialty Institutes. In Illinois, we recently completed the first-ever Family Supportive Housing Capacity Building Institute. In Ohio, we held our first Institute focused on our Dimensions of Quality, in which teams created quality improvement plans to strengthen their organizations and supportive housing projects.

The newest community where we held an Institute is Arizona. Funded by the Valley of the Sun United Way, the Institute, Arizona Department of Housing and Chase Bank, resulted in plans for 422 units.

Regardless of the location or focus, participant feedback tells us it’s working: “The content was rich and deep.”  “Knowing that CSH and other presenters are available to support, direct and encourage is invaluable.”

To date, CSH has conducted over 50 Institutes in 10 states throughout the country.

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