Twenty Successes – CSH’s First Twenty Years

CSH was founded on a revolutionary idea -- the belief that everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives and that supportive housing is a solution that works. We set out to end chronic homelessness and began building an industry through our leadership, lending, training and advocacy efforts. Over the past 20 years later, we’ve seen incredible progress and success thanks to the culmination of years of dedication from our staff and partners.

In October 2002, CSH set an ambitious goal to help communities create 150,000 units of supportive housing in the next decade. We are proud to report that we have reached this goal. Today, there are over 152,600 new units of supportive housing operational, or in development.

And that’s not all. Just look at these outcomes:

  • Over 40,500 people live in CSH-backed supportive housing
  • CSH has trained over 50,000 people in five years
  • CSH has made over $300 million in loans and grants
  • CSH is now working in 30 states across three regions of the country

CSH has also worked to lay the groundwork for future supportive housing with our policy and advocacy efforts. We led the supportive housing movement to Washington, D.C. and saw supportive housing included prominently as a proven solution to ending homelessness in the first federal plan to end homelessness, Opening Doors. This important spotlight on supportive housing is the final proof that our intervention is no longer just an idea -- supportive housing has become an integral part of how the country is addressing homelessness.

Ending chronic homelessness is always at the heart of our work, but CSH also is using supportive housing to change the way communities respond to a range of our most-vulnerable citizens. We’re making real advancements in helping to prevent even more people from slipping into long-term homelessness, including families, veterans and people involved in the criminal justice system.

Thank you for 20 years of support. All of us at CSH are inspired to bring supportive housing to those who need it most and look forward to the decades ahead.

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