Regardless of the housing model chosen for the project, the location of the units is critically important. As you talk with prospective tenants and your project team discusses where the units will be located, think about the following:

  • What aspects of location are most important to tenants?  Do units need to be near parks or other recreational opportunities? Schools? Supportive services? Opportunities for employment? Are there particular neighborhoods where tenants would like to live or not live? 
  • How will tenants access the community amenities and resources they need? Can the units be located near public transportation? If not, what alternate transportation will be provided?

Once you have established some of the critical aspects of the units’ location, you can begin the housing search. This process will vary based upon whether you are building or leasing the units in your project and whether they will be scattered throughout multiple sites or located within one building. 

Searching for and Selecting a Location for a Supportive Housing Development - building (developing) units as part of the project

Searching for and Selecting a Location for a Sponsor-Based or Master-Leased Supportive Housing Project - leasing units from private market landlords and then subleasing them to tenants

Connecting Tenants to Private Market Landlords - using tenants' subsidies to directly lease an existing unit from a private landlord

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