Guide to Creating Tenant Councils in Supportive Housing

We wrote this guide for tenants in supportive housing. If you are a tenant living in supportive housing and looking to create a council for tenants, this book is for you.

This guidebook can also be used by PSH developers, property managers and service providers who want to support the development of a healthy Tenant Council - one that is led by tenants and operates for tenants. Tenant Councils share common goals with property managers and services providers - like wanting to keep tenants housed and have safe, enjoyable communities.

We wrote this guide as a community of authors, using experiences from our own lives as people who live in supportive housing, advocate for supportive housing, have led or participated in Tenant Councils, and who have provided services in supportive housing.

*This guidebook is a free resource that can be printed for tenants who do not have access to internet. At this time, CSH does not produce hard copies of this resource for sale or distribution. 

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