Once stable, tenants often wish to leave supportive housing in order to have more privacy, reside in a different neighborhood, move closer to family or work/school, or rent a bigger unit. In response to tenant desires and the need to build more supportive housing capacity, several communities are working with local funders and public housing authorities to develop Moving On or Moving Up initiatives that provide tenants who are able and want to move out of supportive housing with a rental subsidy and assistance transitioning to a new apartment.

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What is Moving on from Supportive Housing?

What is Moving On from supportive housing and why is it beneficial for individuals and communities? Our Moving On fact sheet provides an overview of Moving On for anyone who wants to learn more.

Learn More About Moving On

CSH Toolkit

This toolkit outlines the different phases and steps in the Moving On process and contains links to helpful resources, including descriptions of former or existing Moving On projects and practical tools or templates developed by implementing organizations.

Success Stories

Matoka 60, was the first person in New York City to move out of supportive housing under CSH and Robin Hood Foundation’s Moving On initiative. She moved from Lantern’s supportive housing at Huntersmoon Hall in the Upper West Side to her new home in the Bronx.


Harder+Company Community Research conducted a two-and-a-half year evaluation of the CSH Moving On Initiative in Los Angeles with a goal of understanding the needs, motivations, and experiences of individuals who move from supportive housing to more independent housing.