CSH is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide training and technical assistance to health centers and supportive housing providers looking to partner to serve vulnerable frequent users of health systems. Our HRSA funding allows us flexibility to engage in direct training and technical assistance (TA) activities that cover a wide variety of topics.


New HUD Policy Brief on Data Matching: Understanding the Impact And Potential for Health Centers

Health centers are increasingly addressing the social determinants of health for their patient population through partnerships and linkages to local housing and service resources. In this continuous effort to improve health outcomes for patients, there are many resources that exist through partner federal, state, and mainstream infrastructures that should be part of a health center’s “toolbox” to aid in linking patients to local housing. Matching data from the homeless crisis response system to claims data from health centers is one way to identify and engage individuals in both systems who are experiencing homelessness and medically vulnerable. Health centers can be key partners in linking eligible individuals who are experiencing homelessness to sustainable affordable housing and providing integrated care.

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The latest publications, tools and HUD policy briefs on implementing successful health center and housing partnerships.

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View past webinars and take virtual trainings and tutorials in our Supportive Housing Training Center on how to foster and expand health center coordination and collaboration with key partners.

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CSH’s experienced HRSA Technical Assistance (TA) team has provided direct TA to health centers and housing providers nationwide. We can help you best serve the most vulnerable people in your community.

FUSE Tutorial for Health Centers

CSH’s signature FUSE initiative for supportive housing has been implemented in more than 30 communities for people with high needs who are frequently using multiple and costly public systems, such as shelters, hospitals and jails. Many of these local initiatives feature community health centers as key partners playing a variety of roles, from outreach to full service provision. CSH has developed an online virtual training tutorial on how health centers can partner to start FUSE initiatives. This new tutorial features four community profiles that highlight the steps to successful FUSE implementation.