Justice Involved Supportive Housing (JISH)

In 2019, the City vowed to finance 500 units of Justice-Involved Supportive Housing (JISH). However, the current funding levels are insufficient to adequately support staffing or provide crucial services for these units. Despite serving some of the most complex clients in supportive housing, JISH units receive approximately $17,000 less per unit compared to similar supportive housing units citywide.


Why Your Support Matters

Mayor Adams must allocate an additional $6.4 million to ensure the full operational capacity of JISH units. This action would bring all 500 units to the current funding standard of other supportive housing units across the City and increase rates for services and wages.

Join us in urging Mayor Adams to uphold the City’s commitment. Support the allocation of $6.4 million in the City budget to appropriately fund 500 supportive housing units for individuals transitioning from Rikers. Sign on to the letter below. 

Urge Mayor Adams to uphold the City’s commitment and allocate $6.4 million to appropriately fund JISH