HUD Racial Equity Demo

In partnership with Black, Indigenous/Native, and People of Color including people with lived experience, eight Continuum of Care groups nationwide will identify system disparities through local data, agree upon focus area(s) and engage in a rapid iteration improvement project to test racially equitable assessment questions and related Coordinated Entry processes. Chicago is one of the participating communities striving to improve the racial equity of our Coordinated Entry System.

Chicago’s core team is made up of representatives from the Lived Experience Commission, Youth Action Board, All Chicago, CSH, and the Center for Housing and Health. This six person team includes three people of color with lived experience of homelessness.

Chicago Racial Equity Demo Goals

  1. Replace the Single Individual Vulnerability Index
  2. Improve housing outcomes for justice involved participants

Please Join us at the Next Racial Equity Demo Community Session

This session will focus on improving housing outcomes for justice involved participants and we ask all interested people to contribute your thoughts and expertise to this conversation.

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April 8, 2021, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Prior Community Sessions

Two Equity Demo Community Sessions were held on the topic of replacing the Individual Vulnerability Index following a community survey and focus group with the Lived Experience Commission.

This process involves testing questions aimed to represent the experiences of Black and Brown people as a way of learning if new questions will be more racially equitable than the current questions that are used to score people based on need. The survey, focus group, and community sessions all finalized plans for the test posted below.

Recording of the Community Session on March 4th

Recording of the Community Session on February 19

Replacing the Individual Vulnerability Index Test

From March 15th – April 15th, a small group of Skilled Assessors selected because they complete the most assessments and updates for single individuals are asking these six additional questions:

  1. Have you ever in your life, spent any amount of time in a juvenile or adult correctional facility, jail, prison, or detention center?
  2. Growing up, did your family experience housing instability such as frequently moving due to financial reasons, living with other families, relatives, (also known as doubling up), living in a shelter, living in nightly or monthly rentals, or anything like that?
  3. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation or gender identity? 
  4. Do you identify as a Black, Indigenous/Native, and/or a Person of Color who has been discriminated against because of your race or ethnicity?
  5. Have you experienced violence in a home where you lived or seen others experience violence in a home where you lived? Violence can be physical or emotional
  6. Are you currently being hurt or experiencing violence on the streets or in a shelter or attempting to avoid people who have hurt you since experiencing homelessness?

Following this test, the Equity Core Team will host an Equity Demo Community Session to share results and gather feedback to be incorporated into a recommendation for the Coordinated Entry Leadership Team on next steps for scoring single individuals based on need. Please stay tuned.

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