A Tribute to MaryLee Allen, Champion for Children

This past week, we at CSH learned the sad news of the passing of MaryLee Allen, one of our country's most fervent advocates for the well-being of our children and a familiar face at the Children's Defense Fund for decades.

MaryLee served as an alternate member of our CSH One Roof advisory board and was extremely committed to guiding us and expanding our efforts to collaborate with other stakeholders in the field of child welfare.

Her knowledge and commitment were unsurpassed, and she helped shape our view that ensuring a safe, healthy and happy future for our children and their families is paramount to our work.

We will greatly miss her enthusiasm and wise counsel and, most importantly, her total dedication to forming the policies and best practices that result in a better life for our nation's children and families.

To MaryLee's own family and loved ones, and our partners at the Children's Defense Fund, we extend our deepest sympathies. We add to our thoughts a vow to strive every day to meet the high standards MaryLee set for all of us, and to work tirelessly to improve the lives of children and their families through supportive housing.

We can truly say that MaryLee's passion in life and her legacy today is grounded in leaving no child behind.

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