CSH-SIF Webinar Forum Announced

Through the CSH Social Innovation Fund Initiative (CSH-SIF) nonprofits in four communities are implementing an enhanced supportive housing model. A five year Randomized Control Trial (RCT) evaluation of CSH-SIF has been conducted by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from New York University, led by Principal Investigator Beth C. Weitzman, PhD. This evaluation is the first RCT evaluation of a national supportive housing demonstration of this scale.

Join us for a webinar on CSH-SIF Evaluation results on Thursday, March 29, at 1pm ET. You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

Purpose of the Webinar

This webinar will present the results of the evaluation.

Learning Objectives for the Webinar

  • Know the results of the CSH-SIF five-year RCT Evaluation conducted by researchers from New York University.
  • Utilize lessons from data-driven targeting, healthcare-focused supportive services, and other design elements incorporated in the CSH-SIF program.
  • Understand what outcomes and potential cost avoidance to expect when funding or delivering supportive housing for high utilizers of healthcare.

Agenda for the Webinar

CSH-SIF Eval & Overview of Service Models Sarah Gallagher 15 min
Service Model by Site 1 or 2 Local CSH-SIF Sites 15 min
NYU Findings Beth Weitzman 25 min
Facilitated Q&A Sarah Gallagher (Facilitator) 5 min

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