New CSH-Designed Workbook Helps Locate Housing Options

As part of our ongoing program work in Illinois, and with the support of the Illinois Council for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ICDD), CSH has developed a Supportive Housing Workbook for People with Developmental Disabilities and their Families.

This Workbook assists families as they move through the process of selecting an ideal affordable housing setting and matching it to the person-centered support services needed to live independently. After understanding what type of housing could be right, the family can determine if it is available locally or in another community.

If the appropriate housing does not exist, this Workbook lays out a strategy families can follow to make sure developers create housing that works for their family member as well as other families in the local community. This includes an explanation of steps to unite and create the required coalitions and grass-roots support that drive developers and service providers toward creation of the appropriate housing.

The Workbook also includes helpful information about supportive housing. Families impacted by intellectual or developmental disabilities are excited when they learn supportive housing is a viable option and are eager for it to be included in the array of housing and services available to their family members.

Click here to access the Workbook.


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