Support Illinois HB 4955 - Restore Funding for Homeless & Housing Programs

Advocate for affordable & supportive housing funding in Illinois

Many organizations in Illinois have been operating without funding since July 1, 2015, and are at risk of closing their doors to the vulnerable people they serve.

Illinois House Bill 4955, introduced on February 5, 2016, would  fully restore funding to FY2015 levels for affordable housing and supportive housing programs for people who have experienced homelessness. These critical programs include:

  • Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund
  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Assistance to the Homeless Fund
  • Federal HOME Investment Partnership Program Fund
  • Foreclosure Prevention Graduated Program Fund
  • Foreclosure Prevention Program Fund
  • Health and Human Services Trust Fund (Permanent Supportive Housing and DMH Bridge Subsidy Program)


 Please call your Representative and ask him or her to support HR 4955

To find your representative, click here and type in your zip code.


The bill includes appropriations for:

Homeless Prevention                                                                      $1,000,000

Homeless Youth Services                                                               $4,598,100

*Supportive Housing Services (homeless)                                 $13,738,500

Homeless Youth Services                                                               $1,000,000

Homelessness Prevention                                                              $3,000,000

Emergency and Transitional Housing                                         $9,383,700

*Supportive Housing Services                                                       $3,382,500

Assistance to the Homeless                                                            $300,000

*Supportive MI Housing                                                                 $15,915,800

*Special Projects and Bridge Subsidy                                           $34,450,000

Rental and Housing Support Program                                         $1,600,000

Rental and Housing Support Program                                         $4,100.000

Affordable Housing                                                                          $65,000,000

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